About our company

Our company has three purchasing bases:

8 km from the city of Buzău, Vadu Pasii village, with a storage capacity of up to 7000 tons, with taror and dryer.

In the Sahateni Commune 35 km from Buzau, with a storage capacity of 5000 tons and an authorized warehouse for organic products. The base owns a railroad with its own CF scale, with the possibility of loading grain and oil up to 2000 tons in wagons in 24 hours.

The last location is in CA Rosetti village, 30 km from Buzau with a storage capacity of 11000 tons, with a mechanism that allows up to 120 tons per hour, tarot and railway allowing loading in wagons up to 2000 tons / 24 h.

We have a car fleet made up of 16 high-capacity trucks that provide territorial coverage.

We have a vast market experience and we have a portfolio of farmers who can meet the quantities and products needed by our partners. In an agricultural year, we buy about 200,000 wheat, corn, sunflower, rape, rye, soy, sorghum and barley.

Cereals export

We have extensive experience in direct export of cereals. VP Cereals is fully involved in the export process, from handling to shipping, packing, customs and documentation. We are confident that we can meet all of your company’s requirements at a competitive and attractive price.


Our company has an ISO 9001 certificate, a certificate of sustainability issued by SGS Germany and a certificate of organic products (BIO) issued by Ceres GmbH Germany.