Storage and storage of cereals

We have our own storage spaces for grain in optimal conditions in Buzau county.
A storage base in Vadu Pasii with a capacity of up to 7000 t.
Another base in Săhăteni, with a storage capacity of up to 5000 t.
We also have an authorized warehouse for organic products.
A third base in CA Rosetti with a storage capacity of up to 11,000 t.

Cereal conditioning

The operation is aimed at eliminating foreign bodies, such as chaff, straw, weed seeds, earth and dust. Cleaning is performed only after the physical-mechanical characteristics of the basic product have been analyzed to establish the appropriate working technologies.

Drying cereals

Drying is one of the most important processes following harvesting. The drying process is necessary for cereals with a high moisture content. Drying is important in order to avoid damage caused by the appearance of fungi and molds.
It is recommended that the storage of the harvest is done at low humidity and at a low temperature, as otherwise the risk of developing microorganisms will increase.

Grain transport and loading / unloading

We have a fleet of 16 trucks for grain transport and the possibility of transport by rail from the Sahateni and Rosetti locations.
We also offer other operators in this field, loading / unloading and grain transport services.